The Great R.E. Project – Focus 1: Overview of the Religion

This week was the first official week of beginning the Great R.E. Project. We began with the following learning objectives which will take us through the next 3 weeks (although the SC will change each week).

Focus 1 – To understand:

  1. where the religion started,
  2. how many people follow it,
  3. which countries have the most followers.


Research Week
For research the children were given, 1 between 2, an A4 sheet with 6 QR codes on, which directed the children to appropriate websites for them to find information. On the IWB I displayed the questions they were researching and 4 QR codes, one for each of the religions, which linked to a Padlet wall for them to write the answers which they found.

The children rose to the challenge of independently researching the information leaving me to focus on their understanding. I did model for them basic iPad skills but after that they were on their way independently. So far the plan seems to be working as expected. Each class now has a wall of information for 4 different religions ready to use apps and websites to illustrate their findings next week!

Creation Week
Now that we had the basic information I wanted the children to take that and recreate it, allowing them to consolidate their understanding and create a visual illustration making the information clearer to others as well.

As I was out of class for the first lesson, I created video tutorials for each of the tools I had intended to use in the lesson, you can watch them below if you’re interested.

  1. – showing which are the main 5 countries in the world who follow that religion
  2. Pie Chart 3D App – showing the number of people in the world who follow the religion compared to total population
  3. Extension Activity: Draw Free App – recreate the flag of the country in which the religion started

This week the children were very focussed on their learning and worked hard creating the things I had set for them. Some of them found restraints where last week some groups hadn’t found out all the information they were asked to find, and therefore, they had the answer to the first question 4 times and nothing for the last question – again another learning opportunity.

I, personally, think that using the information they have researched in this way to create and therefore manipulate and delve deeper than just reading has helped them understand more clearly. I will have a greater idea if this is true next week as they will then begin sharing what they have learned with others.

Check this post again the week after half term to see how they get on sharing their learning with someone who has been studying a different religion.

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