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Having only just introduced blogging to year 4 it quickly came around to the Feb29th.net blogging experience. In case you have not heard Feb 29th.net is the brain child of David Mitchel who is aiming to capture the world as it was on Feb 29th 2012. Everyone young and old was invited to join and post and I wanted year 4 to be given the opportunity to be part of it.

I opened up the ICT Suite at lunchtime and year 4 children (as unfortunately it was only them who I’d had time to explain what blogging was let alone the idea behind the Feb 29th blog) and if they wanted to give up their lunchtime to be a part of it they were welcome. I was pleasantly surprised as around 20 children chose to come and have a look at what was going on. The children were incredibly excited to see the posts from other people and where in the world they were posting from.

We are currently beginning to plan our class assembly and some children have asked if they can talk about it in this. Here is what they have written (there are screen shots to accompany it in the assembly):

  • February 29th this year was a very special day for blogging as 1000s of people from around the world contributed to a blog to capture the leap year in 2012.To this day Feb29th.net has had nearly 27,000 unique visits from 104 different countries and some members of year 4 here at Bradwell Village were part of it.
  • As well as posting on the blog we could comment on other people’s. These are some of our favourite posts.
  • This one is from Abbey who is 12 – 17 from the United States. She says ‘Today, my school is celebrating Leap Year with cupcakes and ice cream! I’m so excited to have a little treat at school with all of my friends. Later tonight my family and I are going to go out to eat for Leap Year. I’m really excited for everything that is happening tonight and I hope everyone else has a good Leap Day also!’
  • Here is a post from an under 12 class in school in Ireland ‘We are 5th and 6th class,today is the 29th of Feb. We have been doing Irish, Maths, English and learning how to batik. Parents beware, one day your child will come home smarter than you.’
  • Following the 29theme for the special day Alicia, an under 12 from the UK, wrote her 29 favourite pets…number 8 is a spider and 18 is a pigeon! As you can see we had lots of fun joining this world-wide blog.

In hindsight I think that this event coinciding with my starting blogging in year 4 gave blogging a huge kick start as the word soon spread and then they were desperate to start sharing our own things with the world.

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