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I have now been successfully blogging with my class for a term and have seen a brilliant impact especially with my boy-heavy Literacy group. It has taken a lot of work, a lot of reminding and a lot of pushing the blog onto the children but we are getting to a place where the children are suggesting things that could go onto the blog themselves. I am also being told by more and more children that they have shown their parents parts of the blog which is always great to hear.

To encouraged the children and their friends and family to look at the blog I offer house points for going above and beyond. The children get 1 point if they post at home or in computer club, basically anytime when I have not arranged for them to do so and 2 points if it’s a family member. To coincide with the new blog I will also be making the rules of blogging and the how to comment sections clearer specifying that parents should post as ‘John’s Mum’ so as not to post unnecessary personal details and to make it clearer for me to see who is posting.

We have been looking at other people’s blogs and are starting to feel a little envious…we get excited when we can look at how many people have visited other’s blogs or when we can see our ‘red dot’ on the map of someone else’s blog. We want to be able to have widgets of our own, we’d also like to sort our posts so that we can group them and if we’re looking for something it’s made easier. Whilst having these discussions with my class I began to thinking of other services I could use to better suit their thirst and decided to discuss with my headteacher moving to a more pertinent site. I suggested that I would like to upgrade to a blog and she agreed that I could trial this as long as it was the free package. I would have used Blogger, as I’d previously planned to, however I wanted categories which Blogger does not currently support.

As it is now nearing the end of the year I am going to leave the current blog in place and continue posting there for now, however, I am going to migrate the content from one to the other so that we have a shining example of how the new blog will look to show to others. The process of migration will continue throughout the year, obviously we will not be able to move comments or numbers of hits but the widgets we have been discussing we be in place ready for next year.

You can check out the new blog here:

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