A true challenge: a story in 100 words

I have recently discovered the 100 word challenge for KS2 children. If you do not know what this is each week a prompt is posted, this could be anything from a picture, to a sentence that must be included to a genre being asked for. The children have just 100 words to fulfill the prompt. This works well for those budding writers, who can write you epic novels but will really have to be selective about the words they choose, as well as those less enthusiastic writers who you can convince it’s ‘only’ 100 words.

Each challenge entry should be posted on the school/class/individual blog and then linked to the 100 word challenge blog (don’t worry there is a handy explanation video on the site to help you!). The suggestion is that every person that posts an entry should read 2 others, after all it is only 100 words, and then leave comments. This thereby guarantees the writers an audience for their work. The 100 word challenge team also try to comment on each piece of writing submitted although this is becoming trickier as more and more children and schools come on board.

The 100 word challenge can be done as part of a class activity, with everyone being given an allotted time to do it, although if you want to share it online you will need to have access for the children to type their entries. It can be used as a piece of homework, offering children the opportunity to type it at home, or in their own time. Or it can be used as a piece of extension work for those who finish early and need something that is pre-prepared and easy to explain. It is a brilliant idea and easily implemented, just what we busy teachers need!

As my class only have access to computers once a week, in their weekly ICT session, it can be more difficult to give children the opportunity to share their 100 word challenge online. I have created a sheet for them which has 100 boxes on it (to make it more reliable than them having to count each of the words). This means that no matter then scenario; if they want to do it for fun, on a wet break, or I need to use it quickly as an extension activity I can hand out the sheet without having to worry about whether I’m using my laptop. I then offer them the opportunity to come back at lunchtime, or some other time when I’m not busy, to type up their entry and submit it. They can always take it home and type it up there if they have a computer with internet access there as well.
100 Word Challenge

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