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I have been considering organising a Teachmeet now for some time mainly due to how hard I have found it making teacher connections across Milton Keynes. There are pockets of connections here and there but nothing that I’ve truly been able to get into, even with over 6 months of making as many connections, web-based and elsewhere. Tn the neighbouring county of Northants they have a successful BLT (Better Learning using Technologies) Network which aims to inspire and facilitate a ‘grassroots’ culture among educators and learners which is fantastic. Although we’re not far away from Northants, Milton Keynes also has a great number of teachers with fantastic ideas, why can’t we all get together and share?

And so the idea for Teachmeet MK was formed. Fortunately for me, who had the idea but no clue where to start, Helen Caldwell (@HelenCaldwel) offered to help out as she had previously organised a Teachmeet in MK in 2010. We have also got Emma Dawson (@squiggle7), Teresa Connolly (@tconnolly1) and Kirsten Muirhead (@kirstenmuirhead) kindly offering to help as well. Now we have assembled a team we are ready to!

We started with a planning meeting, trying to decide what we wanted. The last Teachmeet MK was held at the OU and they were kind enough to let us use their premises again, which also gave us a date, as it was when they could offer the room! Now it was all getting very real and we knew that we’d be hosting our very own Teachmeet on Friday 1st March 2013. Next we needed to delegate roles, Emma was happy to set up the wiki and presentation sign up, Helen was going to talk to her contacts around MK and see if she could raise sponsorship and I was going to hunt around for sponsorship and raffle prizes. Then we were off!

From there it was just a case of us getting set up and starting to advertise it. It was about now that the panic set in for me with, ‘what if nobody comes?’ I’m sure most people think this when organising anything, a party or a lunch, and it usually turns out alright but ‘what if it doesn’t?’ We got the wiki set up and Emma made a leaflet for us to use, and now it was time to start promoting. Here you face the catch 22, if no one other than the organisers are presenting, no one will come, but if no one is coming, what’s the point in anyone else presenting! After a while we managed to get passed this and now it is looking quite good.

I am sure there will be a few blogposts about the Teachmeet before it is all over and done with but until now. Please have a look at our leaflet:


And visit the wiki and sign up – let’s make Teachmeet MK a great place for teachers to learning new things and have fun!

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