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Connecting with the world – opening our eyes!

Over the past term my class have made a range of connections around the world, including around the UK. This was partly a conscious decision on my part, due to the reception the children gave to our class blog last year I wanted to continue their global awareness and partly through opportunities arising. The children… Continue Reading.

E-Safety – Where to Begin?

November 10th 2012

ICT Coordinator

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Since taking over the job of ICT Coordinator I have been trying to revamp the ICT in our school, offering the children a wider range of opportunities and experiences and ensuring staff are as supported as possible when using ICT in lessons. With this in mind what’s becoming more and more apparent is the need… Continue Reading.

Global Classroom chat

July 18th 2012

Classroom Practice CPD

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This July was the first time which I had heard about Global Classroom chats on Twitter. These are a series of chats which are hosted at times appropriate to the various timezones around the world. The first chat I participated in was Canada, USA and UK and the topic was ‘Blogging as a Vehicle for… Continue Reading.

E2BN Teachmeet

June 26th 2012


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Unfortunately due to being out at Rethinking ICT I was unable to attend the E2BN conference (just too many fantastic things happening at once) however, I was slightly early so I did manage to sneak into the end of a Raspberry Pi session. There were some absolutely fab ideas for using Raspberry Pi’s from a… Continue Reading.

Class Blog 2.0 – the next generation

I have now been successfully blogging with my class for a term and have seen a brilliant impact especially with my boy-heavy Literacy group. It has taken a lot of work, a lot of reminding and a lot of pushing the blog onto the children but we are getting to a place where the children… Continue Reading.

Digital Leaders – children in the lead, the way it should be!

May 17th 2012

Digital Leaders ICT Coordinator

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I have been interested in the concept of Digital Leaders for a while now having spoken to Sheli Blackburn (@SheliBB) a lot about the different things they do and what advice she had for setting them up. If you are not familiar with them here is a basic explanation:   Digital leaders are children within… Continue Reading.

When a curriculum is full to busting, when do you find the time?

Since starting my class blog (see the original post here: Class Blogging – The Future?)I have been working hard to find time in an already overflowing curriculum to show the children not just our blog, but other class blogs as well. We all know that as soon as you stop mentioning things, the children can… Continue Reading.


Having only just introduced blogging to year 4 it quickly came around to the blogging experience. In case you have not heard Feb is the brain child of David Mitchel who is aiming to capture the world as it was on Feb 29th 2012. Everyone young and old was invited to join and… Continue Reading.

Apple Teacher

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Certified Educator

Picademy Lead Learner


Google Certified Innovator

Certified Innovator

Map Flag Counter

Contributed four lesson plans surrounding embedding the use of tablets to enhance learning in Science for Switched on iPad: Science

Teaching with Tablets

Contributed two chapters titled ‘Visible Learning’ and ‘Children as Researchers’ in Teaching with Tablets

Planning the Primary National Curriculum

Contributed some annotated lesson plans to model what to consider when ‘Planning Computing’ in Planning the Primary National Curriculum

Lessons in Teaching Computing in Primary Schools

Contributed a lesson and some discussion (half a chapter) ‘Extending Computing to Meet Individual Needs in KS2’ in Lessons in Teaching Computing in Primary Schools

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