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Children Interviewing Children

January 18th 2013

Digital Leaders ICT Coordinator

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When I was job hunting the year before last I had a few schools who used children to interview me as part of the interview process. This was usually either the school council or the year 6 heads of house asking a prearranged set of questions. This time when it came to the Digital Leader… Continue Reading.

E-Safety – Where to Begin?

November 10th 2012

ICT Coordinator

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Since taking over the job of ICT Coordinator I have been trying to revamp the ICT in our school, offering the children a wider range of opportunities and experiences and ensuring staff are as supported as possible when using ICT in lessons. With this in mind what’s becoming more and more apparent is the need… Continue Reading.

Raspberry Jam 3.0 – The best one yet…

So it was time again for the Raspberry Jam’s becoming a more and more exciting event in my calendar. As an educator that doesn’t even have their own Pi yet it may seem an odd thing to regularly attend but it’s exciting to see what people are developing and chat to people who have the… Continue Reading.

Raspberry Jam 2.0 – Adults enjoy learning too!

September 30th 2012

CPD Digital Leaders ICT Coordinator

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Talking through how to set up a Raspberry Pi from opening the box

Coordinating, Leading and Being a Leader – are they the same thing?

ICT Coordinator

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It was only in the last few days that I have been thinking about being a leader and what that is. Upon undertaking this year I have been given the responsibility of the ICT coordinator role but does this make me a leader? More so is a ‘leader’ that easily defined? Can you lead without… Continue Reading.

Raspberry Jam

August 27th 2012

CPD ICT Coordinator Raspberry Pi

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This week I attended the first Raspberry Jam at The Museum of Computing, Bletchley. I currently do not own a Raspberry Pi device yet but I am interested in getting one and wanted to see what uses other people were making of them. I enjoyed the meeting, there was a variety of people (although I… Continue Reading.

SystemEd Digital Photography in Schools

Using Twitter I was able to come across some free courses this summer and as I had been looking into Digital Photography I thought these would be a great way to pick up some new skills. The courses are run by Mike Mcsharry (@mikemcsharry) and are completely free with the hope of sharing knowledge with… Continue Reading.

What is ICT?

August 15th 2012

ICT Coordinator

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I have already posted about being told I would be ICT co-ordinator next year and creating a children’s questionnaire, see the post here: Becoming and ICT Coordinator – where to begin? . Well from there I began thinking about the responses and one question specifically stuck with me ‘What is ICT?’ as I reported in… Continue Reading.

Apple Teacher

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Certified Educator

Picademy Lead Learner


Google Certified Innovator

Certified Innovator

Map Flag Counter

Contributed four lesson plans surrounding embedding the use of tablets to enhance learning in Science for Switched on iPad: Science

Teaching with Tablets

Contributed two chapters titled ‘Visible Learning’ and ‘Children as Researchers’ in Teaching with Tablets

Planning the Primary National Curriculum

Contributed some annotated lesson plans to model what to consider when ‘Planning Computing’ in Planning the Primary National Curriculum

Lessons in Teaching Computing in Primary Schools

Contributed a lesson and some discussion (half a chapter) ‘Extending Computing to Meet Individual Needs in KS2’ in Lessons in Teaching Computing in Primary Schools

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