The Great R.E Project – The Plan

In my school I teach R.E. across the whole of year 5 and 6 which means 4 times a week! We have 45 minute sessions and the children had already told me that they found R.E. uninteresting due to a lot of repeated content and dull lessons. This led me to the idea of focussing the iPads on a 1:1 flipped learning style project for R.E. spicing it up and hopefully showing the children how interesting R.E. can be!


At the moment I am planning to 1/4 the class and assign a religion (Judaism, Sikhism, Buddhism or Hinduism) for them to focus on over the course of the unit. The religion which they are given will be chosen at random with the exception of if they fellow that religion, in this case they will be re-picked. Each week the children will focus on a specific area within the religion e.g. sacred texts, religious celebrations etc. and each of these ‘areas’ will take 3 lessons. The first lesson will have a ‘research’ theme, the second will have a ‘create’ theme and finally the third will have a sharing/peer tutoring theme.



During the research week I’m planning on using Padlet and some prompt questions for all children researching that religion to place their information and then giving them a list of appropriate websites for them to find the information they need and record it there.



The following week I intend to show the children a Web 2.0 or app to allow them to create something around their research from last week. This could be green screening a report outside a religious place for worship, creating a pie chart for no. of followers of that religion or shading a map for where the majority of those believers are located (these are initial ideas so far anyway!). I want one space for the children to save their creations be it slideshows, story books, photos or other so that at the end of the topic (when we have looked at all the focus areas of religion) they can create an infographic or wiki or something of their learning about that specific religion.



Partly as a motivator, partly as children leading learning, and partly to broaden their knowledge beyond their religion that they’re researching every third week is sharing. The children will have an opportunity to show off their creations, explain the concepts (I can encourage good presentation behaviours) and the children will mark each others work for the last 3 weeks potential giving tips for next week.


This is a completely new style of learning for the children at my school and I would be interested in knowing if any other Primary schools have adopted a similar approach in upper key stage 2.

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