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1:1 iPad – Week 5: Normal Life

November 20th 2013

Classroom Practice iPad

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My reflections for this week have seemed harder to come by than with other weeks. I don’t think this is down to a lack of using the iPads, or a lack of new ideas, but instead that they’re becoming ‘normal’ for classroom life for myself and the children I work with. This is undeniably a… Continue Reading.

Guided Reading – Inspiring a love of reading, not stamping it out!

November 14th 2013

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I began this academic year with a revelation about Guided Reading – I didn’t like teaching it. I love reading, as an adult I read whenever I can (although not as often as I’d like) but I did not like teaching Guided Reading! My previous school had a policy that all the children needed to… Continue Reading.

iPads – A Reflection on Models of Distribution and Pedagogy

I was going to include these thoughts as part of my weekly reflection about using iPads in the classroom but the further my mind delved the more distant I seemed to get from the basic pedagogy which I was trying to record in those weekly posts. Hence the post of its own. If you are… Continue Reading.

The Great R.E. Project – Focus 1: Overview of the Religion

October 28th 2013

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This week was the first official week of beginning the Great R.E. Project. We began with the following learning objectives which will take us through the next 3 weeks (although the SC will change each week). Focus 1 – To understand: where the religion started, how many people follow it, which countries have the most… Continue Reading.

1:1 iPad – Week 4: Reflecting

October 27th 2013

Classroom Practice iPad

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At the beginning of this week I was lucky enough to have time out with a colleague to visit another school and see their use of iPads and Apple TV. As I’m sure you know, having time out to visit other schools is always great as you see so many different ways of doing things… Continue Reading.

1:1 iPad – Week 3: Broadening Horizons

October 15th 2013

Classroom Practice iPad

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Week 3 of using the iPads, where necessary, in lessons and building their introduction gradually across the curriculum. My Maths class have now been regularly using the iPads for 3 weeks and have come accustomed to their integration. My class are most of the way through the desensitising process although I do still have to… Continue Reading.

1:1 iPad – Week 2: Exploration

Ok, so now we have reached the end of week 2 for our iPad exploits. This week has been a funny week in school as year 6 have been out on a residential and as we share some topics with year 6 we have had some topics on hold. We did not manage to get… Continue Reading.

1:1 iPad – Week 1: Desensitising

I have been lucky enough to be given a 1:1 set of iPad minis for use within my class this half term(ish) for the purpose of trialling them and finding out what works and what doesn’t work. From here the school can then make an informed decision about how iPads impact on learning and whether… Continue Reading.

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Switched on iPad: Science

Contributed four lesson plans surrounding embedding the use of tablets to enhance learning in Science for Switched on iPad: Science

Teaching with Tablets

Contributed two chapters titled ‘Visible Learning’ and ‘Children as Researchers’ in Teaching with Tablets

Planning the Primary National Curriculum

Contributed some annotated lesson plans to model what to consider when ‘Planning Computing’ in Planning the Primary National Curriculum

Lessons in Teaching Computing in Primary Schools

Contributed a lesson and some discussion (half a chapter) ‘Extending Computing to Meet Individual Needs in KS2’ in Lessons in Teaching Computing in Primary Schools

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