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Raspberry Pi in the Classroom – Step 2

Now, should I plug in the Pi? How will I know what to do? If you have not read my first post on this subject: Raspberry Pi in the Classroom – Step 1: I have a Pi but I haven’t plugged it in and I’m not sure where to start… then you might want to… Continue Reading.

“Miss, Miss, Can I…” – To name or not to name?

May 19th 2014

Classroom Practice


This weekend I stumbled across a Guardian debate about whether or not teachers should be called by their first name. You can see the original article here. The article begins with a story of a teacher, whom had previously been referred to as ‘Professor’ due to her level of expertise, experiencing a pupil’s unavoidable habit… Continue Reading.

Raspberry Pi in the Classroom – Step 1

I have a Pi but I haven’t plugged it in and I’m not sure where to start… A few people have asked me about getting started with Raspberry Pis so I decided to blog about how I introduced them into my classroom. This was with a class of year 5s (9-10 year olds) but I… Continue Reading.

Edmodo: Who Questions the Questioner?

May 15th 2014

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I have used Edmodo for a while now although I believe I only recently started using it effectively. In my last school I used it with my Digital Leaders as a way to set them tasks to do with a TA whilst I was teaching. They could upload their work when they were done and… Continue Reading.

Riding the routes of the Internet – do you know where your information goes?

The time is 8am and by this time in the morning I have relied on the Internet to complete 5 different tasks as part of my morning routine. Rising to the sound of my alarm, I check social media and news sites for an update into the happenings over night. Happy that the world is… Continue Reading.

Picademy: Day Two

April 18th 2014

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After a very long and exhausting day previously (even though it was spectacular) you can imagine that everyone rolled in a little bit later today, looking a little more bleary-eyed and not as ready-for-action or prepared for the day ahead. You’d be wrong. As the post is quite long there are some navigation bits here… Continue Reading.

Picademy: Day One

Wow, what a day! It is now 10pm on what has proved to be an exhaustingly amazing day at the first ever Picademy. A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to Picademy as someone who has used a Pi in a classroom setting, particularly in a primary setting. I was told… Continue Reading.

Guided Reading and Skype – A Virtual Book Club

So here is a very belated follow up to my original Guided Reading post as well as a continuation to Stephen Connor’s post. As the post is quite long there are some navigation bits here so you can skip to what you want: Introduction, The Plan, First Group, What did the children think?, The Stats,… Continue Reading.

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Contributed four lesson plans surrounding embedding the use of tablets to enhance learning in Science for Switched on iPad: Science

Teaching with Tablets

Contributed two chapters titled ‘Visible Learning’ and ‘Children as Researchers’ in Teaching with Tablets

Planning the Primary National Curriculum

Contributed some annotated lesson plans to model what to consider when ‘Planning Computing’ in Planning the Primary National Curriculum

Lessons in Teaching Computing in Primary Schools

Contributed a lesson and some discussion (half a chapter) ‘Extending Computing to Meet Individual Needs in KS2’ in Lessons in Teaching Computing in Primary Schools

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