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Guided Reading and Skype – A Virtual Book Club

So here is a very belated follow up to my original Guided Reading post as well as a continuation to Stephen Connor’s post. As the post is quite long there are some navigation bits here so you can skip to what you want: Introduction, The Plan, First Group, What did the children think?, The Stats,… Continue Reading.

New Beginnings

September 22nd 2013

Classroom Practice

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This year I have started a new school for the first time since I began my first teaching job. Although only having been at my previous school for 2 years, I learned and experienced a wide range of things which has began to mould me into the teacher I wish to become. From here I… Continue Reading.

About Me: Sway Grantham

January 21st 2013

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I’m Sway Grantham and I am a Primary school teacher in the UK…now, what else should I say? I have been trying to write this page for a long time. I know that the British custom of modesty may well be to blame, but I think it’s more that…I’m not sure what you want to… Continue Reading.

Connecting with the world – opening our eyes!

Over the past term my class have made a range of connections around the world, including around the UK. This was partly a conscious decision on my part, due to the reception the children gave to our class blog last year I wanted to continue their global awareness and partly through opportunities arising. The children… Continue Reading.

Global Classroom chat – Life as a Moderator

November 20th 2012


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Global Classroom chat this week, asked me to co-host; which I was very excited about. I joined @ICT_Integrator for this months chat on the topic ‘How can we support students to inquire into global issues that help develop empathy and compassion?’. The chat starts and there are a great range of teachers from across the… Continue Reading.

Digital Leaders – Half a term in…

November 10th 2012

Digital Leaders

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It has now been half a term since I began the Digital Leader project at my school (see post here). From the very beginning I had a group of eager members who wished to get involved. I allowed all members that completed my application form to join and then a couple of others who hadn’t… Continue Reading.

Going Global – Connecting your Classroom with the World

September 2nd 2012

Classroom Practice CPD

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E-twinning Earlier this year I first heard of the website e-twinning at the Naace Teachmeet (see post here: For those of you who do not know e-twinning is a website ( which unites schools from across Europe giving them a space: “to find each other, meet virtually, exchange ideas and practice examples, team up… Continue Reading.

Apple Teacher

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Certified Educator

Picademy Lead Learner


Google Certified Innovator

Certified Innovator

Map Flag Counter

Contributed four lesson plans surrounding embedding the use of tablets to enhance learning in Science for Switched on iPad: Science

Teaching with Tablets

Contributed two chapters titled ‘Visible Learning’ and ‘Children as Researchers’ in Teaching with Tablets

Planning the Primary National Curriculum

Contributed some annotated lesson plans to model what to consider when ‘Planning Computing’ in Planning the Primary National Curriculum

Lessons in Teaching Computing in Primary Schools

Contributed a lesson and some discussion (half a chapter) ‘Extending Computing to Meet Individual Needs in KS2’ in Lessons in Teaching Computing in Primary Schools

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