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Picademy: Day Two

April 18th 2014

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After a very long and exhausting day previously (even though it was spectacular) you can imagine that everyone rolled in a little bit later today, looking a little more bleary-eyed and not as ready-for-action or prepared for the day ahead. You’d be wrong.

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Picademy: Day One

Wow, what a day! It is now 10pm on what has proved to be an exhaustingly amazing day at the first ever Picademy.

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to Picademy as someone who has used a Pi in a classroom setting, particularly in a primary setting. I was told that I did not need to prepare anything but just come along and share what I’ve been doing – fabulous! I have to admit as the day got closer I was a little nervous, I didn’t feel like I knew enough about what I was doing to be any use to anyone else. I was reassured, however, that it wasn’t what I had/hadn’t done that was important but instead sharing the experience of the things I’d tried and the impact they’d had.

Picademy – Live Blog

April 13th 2014

CPD ICT Coordinator Raspberry Pi

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Below is my live blog which myself, and anyone else tweeting with the #Picademy hashtag contributed to throughout the two days at Picademy. It includes many photos and examples of lots of people’s ideas and hard work and not just my own. I was merely a collator.

I used Twitter to post to the live blog as I often find I want to tweet the things I share as well as blog about them. This reduces the need for me to duplicate what I am recording!

Guided Reading and Skype – A Virtual Book Club

So here is a very belated follow up to my original Guided Reading post as well as a continuation to Stephen Connor’s post.

As the post is quite long there are some navigation bits here so you can skip to what you want:Introduction, The Plan, First Group, What did the children think?, The Stats, Round Two, Next Steps

CamJam – I made it at last!

Today I finally made it to the Cambridge Raspberry jam after what seems like a million calendar clashes preventing me from attending the previous events. I have heard lots of positive comments about this event and I wasn’t disappointed!

The morning begins with a programming workshop for children which this time was hosted by the fantastic Carrie Anne Philbin (@MissPhilbin) who was introducing them to the SonicPi application on the Raspberry Pi. If you haven’t already seen this you should check it out – making music whilst introducing programming concepts and a brilliantly accessible method of introducing programming. I, unfortunately, wasn’t here for this but Carrie Anne tells me it was fantastic with 40 children ranging from 5-14! I did support Carrie Anne in a similar workshop for girls over the summer, you can see my post about it here.

Bett 2014

January 24th 2014

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My live blogging from visiting Bett 2014

1:1 iPad – Week 6: Usage Slump

November 21st 2013

Classroom Practice iPad

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This week was the first week I have noticed a usage slump in the iPads. After weeks of finding reasons to use them to enhance to the curriculum this week seemed like a week which didn’t suit their use. I am not sure whether this is due to my own time constraints, not having time to think reflect on appropriateness, or whether they just did not suit the lessons this week.

In Science this week we have been learning about the skeleton – its function and role as well as naming the different bones. We began this lesson, in groups, by drawing around a person on large paper and trying to put post it notes in the correct places. After this group activity, and the collaboration, I wanted to check the children had understood and could recognise the bones in the body. To do this they took photos of each other and using PicCollage (I wanted to use Skitch but couldn’t download it as our school iPads are not running iOS7 yet) they added the the labels for the bone names. As I can’t show you their’s I asked a child to label me as well:

1:1 iPad – Week 5: Normal Life

November 20th 2013

Classroom Practice iPad

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My reflections for this week have seemed harder to come by than with other weeks. I don’t think this is down to a lack of using the iPads, or a lack of new ideas, but instead that they’re becoming ‘normal’ for classroom life for myself and the children I work with. This is undeniably a good thing, they are a tool to be used appropriate, just as a pen or a text book and should not be cause for unnecessary attentions but equally I do want to document our experiences clearly, accurately and fairly.


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